Super tired. Just wanted to write…

matters of the heart, matter.

I’m changing. I know God is with me. I know I am with God.

I’m concerned about what the changes may mean for my relationships. For my community.

Sometimes I wonder what the future holds and I have to remind myself to live day by day. To love well, chase compassion. Be present and aware. To serve. To be me.

To not worry. Easier said than done.

So much new territory around this season of my lifescape.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

Its terribly exciting and life giving and humbling, and awing.

matters of the heart, matter.

I want to leave with what I believe is deeply insightful advice from a close friend and mentor. I was texting  him about the topic of falling in love and he said the following. As always, thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

“well we can choose

what to make of love

and if we make of it something grandiose that overtakes us

empowers our fixation

and dominates our thoughts

then that is what it will be

to what end?

most often, the sexual act

b/c love is the biological bait, that leads us to further our species


love can come around at any time

it isnt necessarily enduring

not this type of love

romantic love i mean

and what art has made it out to be

it’s a wonderful feeling 

i hear you

it is a wonderful thing

it drives humans

to do amazing and crazy things

but principally, it drives us to ensure our species’ existence

you know..?


it is like preservation of species

…. it is four walls and a roof , right?

and love…

is the taj mahal

completely and utterly unneccessarly

but beautiful

but you can live in it the same

like you can live in a simple house

it only is more costly

if damage occurs”










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