Earnest Prayer

Bear with me in this heartfelt vent.

My earnest prayer for the Church is that she wouldn’t see LGBTQ people as an opponent in a perceived culture war but actually see a people on the margins- that she would see her Savior in the faces and lives of actual people and engage them.

Not only engage them but seek to understand.

Not only understand but actually, truly love them as they would love themselves.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity minorities are a living, breathing, part of Christ’s body- and they want their personhood acknowledged and loved- not dismissed and mistrusted.

More and more my heart gets stirred when it comes to this issue.
There are a number of “Religious Rights” bills across the country that seek to discriminate against Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity minorities and this is done in God’s name yet is absent of God’s love.

This is not right. The Church must do better.

I want to share a post from my friend Kevin who has written an excellent piece on what it means to be Gay and Christian and the importance of his identity in Christ.

At the end of his post another friend, Austen who I had the pleasure to meet at the recent GCN Conference in Houston has a short Youtube Video speaking of what it means to be Transgender and Christian.

Please engage both with an open mind and open heart. Much love. Thanks for stopping by.

My friend Kevin’s Post  My Identity in Christ Includes my Sexual Orientation

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