Christian, Let My Transgender People Go! (When Bigotry Uses the Bathroom)

john pavlovitz

Urinals2Some days you read the news and you wonder how we’ve managed to survive as a civilization for millions of years without blowing it all up.

Today is one of those days for me.

This week Charlotte’s City Council voted 7 to 4 to approve new legislation protecting the LGBTQ community. These measures would allow these folks to shop and use public transportation and go out to dinner without being discriminated against (you know, like real human beings). Similar legislation is pending in many other cities.

Part of the new ordinance allows all people to use the public restroom of the gender they identify as.

Cue the predictable sky-is-falling, hand wringing and chest beating from so many of my professed Christian brothers and sisters, who rushed to social media the next morning to tearfully lament the insidious danger now certain to be unleashed on the stalls and urinals of the Queen City.

The assertion is that women and…

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