Famine & Relief

There is a direct correlation between love and worship of God and the love of one another.
So many of the ills of our world- the evil, the brokenness, despair, lack and heart ache can be remedied by our love.
Our engagement is the life by which we partner with God in the healing of our world.
Prayers are answered in the hands, feet, hearts, minds and actions of our neighbor.
We are who we are waiting for and God gives us permission to act. I dare say God demands it.
Both Anne Frank and C.S. Lewis have timely quotes in this same vein
“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”–Anne Frank

“Many things have gone wrong with the world and God insists and insists loudly on our putting them right again”- C.S. Lewis

Every day there is an opportunity for us to bring light and healing to our world.


There can also be a deep sense of overwhelming at the amount of need there is in the world.
What must not ever become the norm is a sort paralysis or worse yet apathy towards responding to need.
I have been guilty of this and the answer, I believe is simply to do what can be done with the resources one has. Little by little. Here and there is always better than nothing.

Mother Teresa said it like this

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you”
If there was a pitch black hollow chamber filled with people and they all had candles and each one eventually became lit -the chamber would dispel the darkness as it is bathed in a warm enduring hue.

That is the answer to the lack and brokenness that we find in our world.
What we do in love is the light that dispels the darkness of all the need that we find in the world.

God goes before us in this. God is that eternal light that fills all things and even fills us and empowers us to be conduits of that eternal light that ceaselessly emits from the presence of God.

That presence that left it’s residue and permeance as He moved to create the cosmos and earth and everything we know and don’t know as reality.

That permeance that remains because instead of being distant after the making of all things -God drew near and is near -in and around and infusing everything holding all things and us with it – together.

So as our heartbeats and breath fills our lungs.
Purpose must fill our lives.
Purpose directed towards love because there is work to be done.

Recently I heard a story on NPR about a drought that is devastating Somalia and Ethiopia. On a scale that dwarfs previous droughts experienced by the regions. Millions are without sustainable aid.
The government as well as NGO’s are scrambling to succor what has happened during the prolonged crisis. Yet the government aid has not been enough. It’s actually been deeply lacking.

I remember feeling heart broken when I heard this and then a week later amnesia set into this hurt and need in the world – the hurt and need of human beings was quickly forgotten.
It took a phone call from a friend while I was shopping in the grocery store to bring the heart cries of the people in need on the other side of the world to the forefront of my mind.

I stopped in the middle of the aisle – no longer focused on which wine I would buy in the endless choices around me – I simply stood and listened as my friend told me about the drought and about how only a day before a man on the ground who was part of an emergency aid team witnessed whole families in Ethiopia and South Sudan suffering from severe drought.

Actual debilitating famine.

My friend went on to explain how his fathers board of directors for the nonprofit Abused Children’s Fund has partnered with the emergency aid team on the ground and have come up with a plan that will ensure meals get to individual families.

With this partnership aid can literally dispense tens of thousands of meals.
Here is the best part.

These meals can be delivered for .12 cents (twelve cents) per meal

If you are reading this now, please consider helping.
The goal is to raise support throughout the entire month of March for a substantial emergency aid delivery in April for these families in Ethiopia and South Sudan
With so little to give- and the impact that these donations can make in the actual preservation of lives the need is all the more felt.

Check out this site   to learn more and to give.

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