Today was exciting. I am part of this online Facebook group of background extras and actors. A lot of the people in this group do background work on film sets full time. They will pull information from multiple casting companies and post what each casting company is looking for, what they pay, and where/what they are filming.

Today I was in the group and as the posts came through I applied like I always do. There was one in particular that I was really hoping for- one that was a 1950’s period piece. I checked my email after submitting my headshots and info and saw that I got a call back for a t.v. show and was like “sweet” cause God knows I need the money.

Then it happened. The 1950’s period piece major motion picture that I had my eye on called me in for both a fitting and a film date!


Super excited. Truth be told there is a ton of work for film crews, casting agencies, actors and background extras in Atlanta. The film industry in Atlanta has become a multi-billion dollar force.

Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Allegiant (I’m in this one!!!) and about 52 other movies this year alone along with a slew of TV Shows including Game of Silence and the Walking Dead.

Last year was a huge year for Atlanta with Ant-Man, Captain America Civil War and many others.
Part of me is super excited and another part of me gets bummed at the thought of all that changing.

If the religious liberties bill passes then all of this wonderful revenue generated from the presence of Hollywood in the south could literally disappear.

Not only is the film industry threatening to pull out because of the negligence of this discriminatory bill but Fortune 500 companies and Start Up’s are protesting this bill as well.

A total of 400+ companies has raised their voice saying to stop the madness.

To not discriminate against same-sex married couples.

To conduct commerce and keep religious objections to themselves.

To not put billions of dollars in jeopardy.

To not reverse a trajectory of economic progress for our state.

Could you imagine if there was a coalition of Jews and Muslims who banned together to prevent the sell of pork in all restaurants and supermarkets across the country because of their own prohibition / convictions against eating Pork?

Ridiculous right?

Sell the married gay couple a cake.

Take their photo.

Make some money.

Get over yourself.

Don’t agree with same sex marriage? That’s fine.

Nobody says it better than my man Kasich in this video. Makes sense no?

But yeah. I’m booking these gigs on my almost famous swag (lol) and also hoping to one day have a Husbae (props to theKevinGarcia for that gem) one day too and ain’t nobody got time for the discrims- ya dig?

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