When Your Heart Gets Out Of Hell (Finding A Fear-Less Faith)

I tried to touch on some thoughts similar to what John expresses in this post in my blog “Clutter” ….

I am reblogging this particular post because he articulates very well what I and so many Christians and non believers alike wonder about. I’ve wondered in silence- maybe sharing with a friend or two over the years. I’ve had non believing friends express the exact same concerns verbatim. There has to be a better way. Wrestling with this still….

john pavlovitz


Hell is a pretty terrible thing to build a faith on.

Living each difficult day here in a fire and brimstone spirituality rooted in your own moral filth is a fairly tragic way to spend your few short decades on the planet, yet that’s what far too many Christians do and have been doing for hundreds of years.

And if they haven’t necessarily intentionally constructed such a religion based in fear and punishment avoidance, they’ve certainly inherited one; growing up from birth firmly planted in the belief that God is out to squash them—because He loves them.

This is the paradoxical heart of the bulk of our traditional* Christian orthodoxy:

God so loves us, that he sent Christ to die in our place, saving us from the correct penalty of death for our sin (a penalty by the way, that He alone demands). Yet this gracious reprieve from eternal punishment only comes with us acknowledging both our…

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