Mint Lemonade Deuce

When I started this blog I started with three initial blog posts where I shared my narrative publicly for the first time about being gay.

The last of those three blog posts was Mint Lemonade 

Celibacy is a calling.

It is a literal gift from God.

Not everyone has this gift and rightly so.

It is not my calling or my gift and when I discovered this a few months back I experienced a lot of freedom. That freedom has brought its’ own set of growing pains that I deal with every day. By God’s grace I will make it through.

I will make it through misunderstanding and rejection. I will make it through “Second Adolescence” that most LGBTQ people who come out later in life experience.

I will make it through speaking life into my own life, and God’s love for ALL of me over and over when the majority of the Church “big C” fails to do so.

I will make it through being a voice for people on the margins because that’s where Jesus is…

I made it through… signing up for Tidal….so I could drink Lemonade and let me tell you. that ish was good.

Sweet, like heart quenching…. soul compelling sweet.

I see you Bey. I pledge my allegiance to your Queendom.

She is brilliant.

oh wait where was I going with this?

Things have been going ok in my neck of the woods. I’ve been busy lately, trying to stay productive. I also submitted my short story to the International Bristol Short Story Competition. There will be twenty winners chosen from around the world. Here’s hoping for the best. If you are interested in reading my submission feel free to message me in the comments and we will connect and I can see about getting it to you.

Creative expression is a beautiful thing.  It is an extension of God’s image in us. Creativity can change the world. That’s why when we lose icons’ like Michael, Whitney, Bowie…Prince…

we mourn in a special way because they tapped into something deep within us all. That’s the power of creativity. That’s a gift from God.

Thanks for stopping by.

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