I Am Whole

Cyrus you are not allowed to love your same gender.
I know everything within you orients towards them but you must suppress it somehow for the sake of your faith.

For the sake of obedience to God.
God will not be pleased with you if you were to give into that. Your orientation isn’t sinful, but your acting on it is.
Do you understand?
Celibacy isn’t all that bad.
Jesus was celibate. Paul was too. You can do it! You must!
Cassey, I know your brain is telling you that you are a boy, but you are a girl.
You must wrestle with the part of yourself that says otherwise.
God doesn’t make mistakes and you want to be sure to please Him by being true to the sex you were assigned at birth.

Imagine a world where the language and syntax above didn’t exist as a majority voice within individual households and the wider culture.

I ask that you imagine this world because I believe firmly that, this is where we are headed.
Yet the trajectory of that destination is intermittently encumbered by a process of engaging fundamentalism, pragmatism, and in many cases lack education or ego-centered self-ignorance.

This past weekend I was fortunate to travel to Denver to attend the launching of a nonprofit called the,  “I Am Project

One of the founders Isaac Archuleta is a Professional Psychotherapist (MA, NCC, LPC) and his dream ever since his pre-teenage years was to create an organization that focused on the wholistic integration of the full personhood of LGBTQ individuals and to also educate churches on their language and relationship towards the LGBTQ community . With the hopes of  aiding in changing the harmful ways in which the church has engaged their LGBTQ parishioners and the LGBTQ community.

Live Art
Food and  a Cocktails hour….

It was a deeply informative time as well as a celebration. The talks will be available online in a few weeks.

To get a taste of the work that Isaac is doing check out this short video.

It’s only been a few short months that I’ve followed Isaac’s social media presence and I found his work to be compelling for my own personal life and narrative.

When I found out about the launch party I knew I had to get to Denver and I grabbed an affordable ticket on Frontier  Airlines and made the short journey from Hartsfield Jackson to DIA.
I sat in the audience during his talk this past weekend and was flooded with affirmation and aha moments.

Wholeness and Integration are key to full personhood and humanity.
Wholeness and Integration are key to truly understanding all of myself and loving all of myself.
Knowing and loving myself is the best way to engage the world; to truly love another because I truly understand and love myself.

This is what I am aiming for.

Fighting to love all of me as God loves all of me.
Fighting to remind myself to simply “be”

To know that I am…

I am God’s Created Desire.

I am God’s Beloved.

I am God’s Cherished Possession.

To know that God is not out to ….

condemn me
punish me
hate me
despise certain parts of me

To know that I don’t have to …

“protect God from my shortcomings and failures”

“hide or suppress parts of myself for fear of displeasing Him…

but that I can rather come to Him as authentically and fully as I know how…and to hold all of me (yes even the emotional, relational and sexual parts of me for that is God’s gift to all of humanity as it points us to a deeper capacity for relationship with one another and ultimately with God) in tandem with God’s love and to allow God’s love to transform all of me from within.

To recapture and hold on to the essence of God’s Image at my core…the Image that was given to all….
and Catholic…

that recapturing of the Original Blessing was afforded by the Incarnation,Sacrifice and Resurrection of the fully, most authentic human- Jesus.
The same Jesus who says that we all can be just like him: fully human and partakers of God.
The same Jesus who ever lives to point the way to the All Present-Always Present First Cause that sustains and redeems all things in an unfolding of communal love.
A love that touches our hearts and spills out into the world.
A love that demands a death to our ego and an embrace of healing.
A healing first of ourselves and then of each other as we grow in healing and the ongoing creation of the cosmos.

I’m so grateful for my journey.
Deep anticipation wells in me as I think about what might be ahead.
A deep desire wells also.
A desire to be rid of the path of fear and in it’s place, an embrace of the path of love.
A desire to be rid of anxiety and insecurity which are so prevalent in my heart and mind more often than I’m consciously aware.

To embrace my

“I Am – ness – in God’s I Am”

I’m grateful for the work of phenomenal human beings like my friend Isaac Archuleta who’s organization is pointing towards a better way.

Indeed we are heading to a better way.  A way that grants full humanity and personhood to us all for the benefit of us all.

by God’s love we will do even this.

Grace and Peace







Quotes are from : Isaac Archuleta at the I Am Project Launch Seminar portionArt Work By Instagramer NaomiHaverLand, a painting of a mural in Denver Colorado on 16th Street -MallPhoto taken by Yours Truly



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