Book Review: Brandan Robertsons’ Nomad

So many people of faith can resonate with what it is like to wrestle with fundamentalism, pragmatism, and feelings of how our own experiences may not necessarily line up with what the systems and institutions we belong to espouse.

So many of us wrestle with periods of restlessness and believing there to be more.

Brandan does a thoughtful, and thorough job of helping navigate through his own faith narrative and lifescape as well as dropping gems and aha moments along the way.

The insight and inspiration will leave the reader encouraged and affirmed.

Wandering is ok.

Believing God is bigger is ok.

Moving forward in confidence and joy even in the uncertainty- even if it means leaving the comfortable places, is ok.

A lot of times these promptings and gut urges arise without our permission and we must then give ourselves the grace and permission to accept the changes and move on.

Brandan shows us how in Nomad.

He uses his own messy map and experiences to give voice to a better way.

We are all headed to a greater in a direction of greater love, a chasing of compassion and destination of full and complete union with God. In every moment entering into that reality is possible and the journey into those moments and beyond are well worth the risk it takes to travel.

The risk it takes to be a Nomad.

And the best part? We are never alone! There are so many of us out there coming to similar conclusions and if you have this book I suspect you have already begun.

Enjoy the journey friend. Enjoy this life-giving book as a companion along the way.

Nomad be Purchased on Amazon here

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