Silence & Voices

Words aren’t enough.
Yet we must speak.
So many emotions and thoughts.
Queer people are bewildered and mourning.
Families and friends are dealing with loss and uncertainty.
Victims are suffering physically and emotionally

People are seeking God
People are angry at God.
People are finding God in one another

I went to a vigil in Atlanta this evening and people were somber for a time but celebratory shortly after.
Because the pride in who we are as human beings does not shrink- not even in the face of death.

Our light will burn hotter and our colors will shine and not just shine but give way to brilliance-

A refulgence of the spectrum of all we are.








Gender Non-Conforming
the whole breath of Sexual and Gender Minorities…we who experience life in a body that is unique and largely unknown to the majority of humanity.

We have the honor of carrying within ourselves an embodiment of diversity and relational capacity and a multifaceted range of personhood expression.

We are not broken.
We are not other.
We are ineffably human.
Fabulously Divine.

I stand in solidarity with Queer human beings because I am one. I’ve been crying with my people, my family.

I’ve been angered at the silence of loved ones and large parts of the church who are trying to figure out how to “respond”.
When people outside of the church are doing exactly what Jesus did when he walked this earth.
Serving on the margins – in nearly 100-degree weather in long lines to give blood, or set up tracking based algorithms that will allow people to locate loved ones that were near the terror attacks.

Showing up.
Sitting with someone in silence and grief.
That’s how to respond, Church.

You know another way to respond?
Abandon the 200+ anti-LGBT laws that you were complicit in orchestrating

Reexamine archaic, dehumanizing theology.
Count the lives of Queer people who literally lost their life because of the harmful way you handled them and their families.
That’s how you respond.

Examine and think hard about this issue of automatic weapons.

Examine how the Muslim community is engaged and what to do about Islamaphonia.

I have faith that in death and loss and tragedy that humanity will discover that love truly is the answer and way forward.
For those of us who still have life- we must live another day.

To yearn for and live for love again.

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