Queer Mingle

Christian Mingle now has to allow for the possibility of same gender couples to search and find one another. This has come as the result of a recent settlement of a lawsuit.

I remember reading the news and having mixed feelings. I came out in December 2015 and remember getting up the nerve to join dating sites and thinking Christian Mingle would be off the list. Even though I was Christian I didn’t dare go there because I knew people like me would not be accommodated. Our full personhood was seen as “other”, an “issue”, and “sin”.

The tides have turned and the jury is out on how this will all play out.
I shared the article with my gay Christian friends.
I read the comments on social media from apparently nonreligious LGBTQ individuals decrying Christianity and lamenting “why would anyone want to use a site that belongs to a hateful religion?”

It’s sad that the legacy of many Christian communities has been one of complete lack of care and disregard to the Queer community. A disregard that has left depression, homelessness, and suicide in its wake.

Many of my LGBT Christian friends are on the front lines pushing back against harmful dehumanizing theology.
Holding tightly to Jesus and his call for healing and compassion in our world. Standing firm in the belief that he holds us and calls us to show his Church as a whole a better, brighter way forward.
A way of full embrace and inclusion.
We have confidence because we see the fruit in our own lives that God is with us and we aren’t ashamed.

So to the nonreligious LGBTQ person, please know not all Christians are bad. There are LGBTQ and straight ally Christians who get it.

We are here.
We aren’t going anywhere.
Now I’m off to create a profile on Christian Mingle

Queer Christian Organizations on the front lines of change in the Church

The Reformation Project

I Am Project

Nomad Partnerships

The Gay Christian Network

Believe Out Loud



Faith in America













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