Writing a Rule

really insightful read from a dear friend


I have long been interested in the contemplative traditions of the world’s faiths, Christian monasticism being especially fascinating. There is something appealing to me about the idea of being set apart from the world while also responding deeply to it in a prayerful, compassionate way as monks, nuns, ascetics, and anchorites have done for centuries. When I began returning to my Christian roots this past year, one of the things that again drew me were the lives and teachings of contemplatives, ancient and contemporary; people who emptied themselves, disciplined their daily lives and became enraptured with love of God and neighbor.

I had been wanting to bring a more contemplative focus to my life for some time, mostly because I like structure when it comes to my spiritual life. But I have also wondered a lot about how living this kind of life would inform my experiences as a queer…

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