All of the above were my head space and mood aesthetic following the election of he who will not be named on this blog (except on tags I suppose)

It’s taken a lot to process over this past week and a half since the election. I’m still processing.
I don’t believe there will ever be a part of me that will perceive this new administration and the presidency as normal.
I remember repeatedly saying “Fuck” the night of the election

Then there was this period of processing the very real frustration with people in my life who are avid supporters of that man and wrestling with how to honor their very real concerns, perspective and even (for one friend in particular) genuine, unabashed enthusiasm for the man.

It goes without saying that the reason so many Muslims, POC, LGBTQIA+ individuals (and people on the margins, in general) felt so disheartened was the reality that our lives and voices would continue to swim up stream to be heard; and that our personhood would continue to be devalued.

How could it not?

The future figure head of the free world embodies everything that antagonizes our being.

As a gay black man, my own intersectionality has no representation or voice in the future Presidential Administration.

I have LGBTQ friends who are worried about the state of their future marriages.

I have Latino friends concerned about the well being of their families.

I have Muslim friends who feel frustrated and misunderstood.

Day after day after the election there was this gnawing feeling and reoccurring thought that this wasn’t’ real.


Then came numbness…a sort of hollowness and ache in my mentality that cast this haze over reality as I understood it.

Lately, though,  I’ve rediscovered a resolve. A resolve to live my life. A resolve to plan for the future. A resolve to continue my advocacy work for LGBTQIA + individuals, to stand emboldened in my solidarity with POC, and a renewed commitment to push back against Islamaphobia and to stand beside those on the margins.

For me and so many others like me, this election has made us all the more aware that there is a ton of work to be done and a fire has been kindled in our being to continue to fight, advocate, and push back against anything that stands in the way of true humanity (read- a higher consciousness that expands towards authenticity, love, inclusiveness and embrace of all)

I also realize that despite all the unresolved, conscious and subconscious superiority complex and racism of white America and the false Savior Complex of American Evangelicalism there is at it roots a fear.



Fear of the other.
Fear of change.
Fear of diversity.
Fear of the emerging consciousness within greater humanity
Fear of Globalism.

Fear is toxic.

Fear will not endure.
So to those who still are enslaved to it – I earnestly desire your freedom and await the day you awake and see what beauty is on the other side of letting go of what doesn’t give life.
Thanks for stopping by.


PS- here are two inspiring videos that I have absolutely loved and have used to get me through my processing and resolve since the election


Love Me Now- John Legend 


Oh Wonder All We Do 

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