Untitled Poem

Sunset surrounds me,

This wasn’t supposed to happen,

Night was never supposed to come

Light Dissipating

My eyes pierce the distance above and ahead

The Sky Won’t Crack

The Sun is gone,

Light still welcomes me, undarkened in the dusk

Dayclean and Evening twilight

My Heart came Home

Stolen beyond the sky for a time, then returned without address

The Sky is Not going to Crack

I waited long for the Sky to Open

Wide and Expansive, it Breathes Constant Silence,

Refusing to Crack

My heart brought a message from beyond the sky

You can open it, it said

How can I open the sky when it was supposed to be done for me?

All I was supposed to do was wait

Wait patiently for the one who stole my heart and ran away to the sky with it

I’ve waited long for the sky to open

The whole world holds it’s breath praying to the Sky

The world needs the one who stole my heart without asking

He lived below the Sky once.

The Sky Can’t Crack

The one who stole my heart and yours isn’t coming back

Maybe we can crack the world

Maybe the world will open the sky

My heart and yours sing to the undarkened light

Singing of possiblities in a world where the sky doesn’t crack

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