This is Everything

“Look carefully around you and recognize the luminosity of souls.Sit beside those who draw you to that.”

~ Rumi




Where were you when you first saw it?

What were you thinking?

What did you feel?

I remember feeling like I’d stumbled across this show, this show that spoke a language of authenticity.

This is Us resonates with so many people because it really is us.

Our narrative, written and acted out before our very eyes.

It’s simply the story of a single family and their past and present and yet so many different people from so many different walks of life can see themselves in it.

It’s real and it demands our attention, emotions, and damn it demands our tears.

Every fucking episode I’ve cried.




Some times its a minor cry, with just a few tears, and other times its the ugly cry: you know the one where there’s sob induced body shakes, wet hot salty liquid streaming down the face and snot. there’s snot too.

Sometimes I talk to my therapist about dating problems (I’m in my thirties and just came out, cut me some slack) and sometimes I talk to my therapist about This is Us.

Just depends.

This is Us has emotionally wrecked our entire nation and frankly that’s’ the kind of thing we need more of.

More things to brings us together to see our commonality,

more things that display our commonality of the beauty of our differences.

When we see a husband and wife’s love for each other.

When we see the difficulty of pregnancy and the nuances of raising a family.

When we see narratives around body image, life milestones and expectation, hard conversations around race,  (and exceptionally well done depictions of it) drinking, mental and physical health, sexuality, faith, love, life and death.

It’s real.

If entertainment continues in the trajectory of displaying brutal honesty: real life dialogue, real life situations, real people in real circumstances; if entertainment continues to do this I’m all for it.

I saw Manchester by the Sea last night with a friend, same kind of thing. Shit is just real, There aren’t these cookie cutter narratives that skirt around how hard and unyielding life can be. It’s just is and as long as it just is, and as long as we continue to see ourselves in the emotions, words and images in front us. The more connected I believe we will be in our entertainment. The more healing we will see in our hearts and minds by something as simple as a forty minute tv show on a Tuesday night with our friends and family.

Images like Kevin’s painting (and the powerful explanation behind it) that he showed to Randall’s daughters will be a blue print and a reminder of us to remember our connectedness, to remember to choose the higher more life giving road in our dealings with one another.

This is Everything.

This is Us.

We are all we have, so lets live like it.

Keep watching and keep crying my friends.





One thought on “This is Everything

  1. I feel like everyone I know is talking about how much this show makes them cry and yet I’ve never experienced it. I normally think of myself as someone who cries easily, but because of this show, my friends are saying I’m a heartless robot. I honestly just think the show has yet to touch on a topic that I really relate to. *shrug*


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