Skyscapers Falling (a poem-ish)


The Ancient Church Father  Origen of Alexandria speculated on how the man Jesus became God..

He wrote volumes on the idea alone…

 The same can be asked of us.

How did God become, from us?

Is there something deeper when we consider the possibility that a man who was exalted in the imagination of many into something more than he probably was; can we just as well imagine our own exaltation and finding our journey into the Highest of Self, projected from Ourself?

Can we see ourselves in the journey of Jesus, or any God for that matter, in this Body?

This Body that carries within it stars, and expectation,

awareness and transferred, undying energy,

blood, tears, sweat and neurons….

synapses and tendons,

bone and boundlessness,

the Spark that animates the Cosmos and all Species…

Life itself and the interconnected, interdependent web of being that unfolds beyond the highest of infinity…

Our species emerging in a family of species that learned to cooperate with one another, manifested fire to warm our bodies and cook our food, to feed our communities, to bury our dead and gaze at the expanse above us and make sounds and create exchanges that birthed Meaning and Worship,

Awe and devotion,

story and mythos…

about Creatures, Queens and Kings on earth and  in the Sky,

Creatures, Queens and Kings on earth and in the Sky that once were in our minds eye but now stood apart from us…

so we too could walk down the path of appeasement, and sacrifice…

remembrance and commemoration,

landmarks in our migrations…to new territory on Earth and in Heaven…

creating whole worlds that embedded itself in our ancestral and communal conscience until one day the Skyscrapers of our constructs would themselves need deconstructing….

Falling Skyscrapers

Upending the foundations and tilling the earth so something real may grow in it’s place…

the God’s were us all along…

billions of Gods…

each one unique,

each one fragile,

each one limited in time and space; awakening to life, and dying just to be transferred into yet more life…one massive, interwoven unending life….

bigger versions of ourselves,

beyond all  our greatest conception,

the ground of which we all arise,

and the moments of our lives…

all of this point to the unspeakable name of the sounds we made to attempt to speak of the vastness of meaning…

to say this is God,

to say, that is God,

to say, we are in God

to say God is in us…

to say, we are God..

to say of ourselves, we are enough,

to speak of the unfettered sacredness of our own breath, heartbeat and awareness..




the skyscrapers are falling all around us and yet we remain

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