Momentos Fugaces

The Island of Boríken and it’s people enchanted me.




Bodies whose dances inspire worship and awe at the rhythm of life.

People who sold local produce on the corners of busy streets with honking cars.

People who led teams of ATV’s through rugged pathways across vines and thick forests.

People who secured harnesses for adventurers seeking to shoot like arrows on wire that hold fourteen thousand pounds etched across rainforests that are being cultivated with new species of trees  to preserve what remains;  all the while trying to hold back man made development of condo’s on the floors of the vibrancy of the dense ecosystem.

College Students





Chefs and Tattoo Artists…

I was fortunate enough to come across humanity in all of these vocations..


Warm Greetings and Warm smiles,

Smiles of the eyes,

Smiles of the face

Smiles  of the soul.

A region in time and space that bear the history of colonization and economic disruption.

I spent five days in Puerto Rico with men who inspired my Unapologetic Blackness and Queerness with their own.

These men who also  encouraged me by their own Black Excellence.

One is pursuing their PhD and MBA in Psychology, another doing an MBA in Banking, another a Director of School Curriculum and another who will be a Lawyer on Wall Street, and another who is doing their PhDa in Sociology.

Seeds of friendships set in fertile soil.

Giving me vision, life and inspiration for my own growth and transition in life.

Giving me clarity for the next best step in the uncertainty and assurance of my own journey.

Moments envelope and capture you, I and every human being and don’t return.

Impressions from encounters with people who cross our paths never leave.

Knowing in my heart that I love these men who were my house mates in the beautiful home by the Atlantic ocean for five days.

These men who trekked across the Island with me and I with them.

We shared every sort of strong and sweet drink.

We cooked meals together, danced together, explored the enchantment of Boríken together.

We laughed til our stomach hurt.

We told truths, that gave us life.

We caught Ubers at 3 in the morning just to go out into the night and dance like there was no tomorrow.

We had hard conversations and shed tears.

Or maybe I just shed tears at all of the beautiful sparks of life that bubbled up from space, time, awareness, breath and heartbeat.

On my last night I shared special time with a local just because life is both sweet and short.

What is life?

My heart is full.

Goodbyes at the airport to new and enduring friends.

Back to reality.

Grateful and expectant for what’s ahead.

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