Danny’s A Yogi (D.A.Y)

It’s been a while.

This blog is continuing its evolution as I continue my own.

In 2019 I will focus my writings on a Day- Centered Theme.  DAY is an acronym for Danny’s A  Yogi and is also a reflection of how I desire to engage my readers. Themes of sunlight, brightness, warmth, and transition.

As the title says I’m a Yogi.

For me, that means I’ve found breath and inner connectedness through an ancient practice that has a modern lens.

Being a Yogi is very much about being, rather than arriving. There is no arriving. There is only stillness, movement, more stillness, reflection, and growth.

I’m deeply grateful for this medium of writing and to be able to share with those in and outside of my life.

A few updates:

If you live in the Atlanta I want to serve your wellness practice. through Yoga.

I am RYT200 Certified – Power Yoga / Vinyasa.

I can accommodate all levels and lean more towards breath work, mindfulness and restorative throughout the duration of my flows. There is brief meditation before Savasana also.  I use essential oils and light massage upon request. I can travel anywhere in Atlanta (ITP -Inside the perimeter and OTP -Outside the perimeter up to 30 miles)

I can come to residential gyms, and or parks.

A Single Session is -$45 for an hour

A Group Session with friends and family is $75 for the Hour

A Month of Sessions (5 Classes) is $180.00

Email: dannysayogi@gmail.com to book me.

I want to serve your meditation practice remotely.  If you would like Guided Meditations sent to you, please email me also. Guided Meditations are $4.00

Thanks for stopping by. I want to leave you with a short story I wrote.  This short story is dedicated to the Black Boys OM Collective. More on Black Boys OM in future blog posts to come.




The Man Who Looked Like Me – A Short Story 


I have a super power.
I can disappear into my surroundings. Literally everything around me becomes a part of me and I a part of it.
I met a man who taught me how to do this just by sitting down and breathing.
It’s funny because he taught me this as an adult, yet when I was a kid I would do something similar.
I would play in my room, running around with my toys and then in a moment of exhaustion I would sit quietly and imagine there was a bright star inside of me.
I would sit and sit and sit and see how big that star inside of me would become, to see how big I could become inside myself.
I didn’t ask the man to teach me how to disappear into my surroundings. It just came to me during one of our times together.
Death is suffocating. I don’t imagine it’s suffocating for the dead because I don’t think they have breath. It’s suffocating for the living.
Suffocating for those who live trying to avoid it.
Suffocating for those who lose their brothers and fathers to it like I did.
A kid two blocks from where I grew up shot my brother.
A cop shot my father for grieving my brother.
In this suffocation and grief I needed reprieve.
I saw a man who looked like me in a park. He was still at some moments and at others he became like a pretzel.
Before I realized, I was drawn closer in until I was standing at his side. Silent, and in awe.
He glanced up at me and in kindness offered to show me how.
I didn’t know it then but that was the beginning of a journey towards healing. A journey of breathing deep and finding reprieve from the fluctuations of life and my own mind.
Of becoming one with myself and all things.
My first step into my super power.










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